My Goal

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I have set the ambitious goal of an unsupported solo cycle camping trip from the UK to Capetown, via…
(Summer) France, Italy, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia then South Africa.
It’s all in aid of a UK charity who refurbish computers and ship them at cost to Kenya and Tanzania. With the help of partner organisations, they oversee teacher training and distribution of computer to schools, colleges and community projects.

My plan is to stop off at AIC Naivasha Polytechnic (

On arrival I will volunteer my services for the following:

  • Work with teachers on course structure and content for IT based subjects
  • Teaching and workshops with students
  • Present real life case studies on industrial projects I have been involved with over the years

For details about how money raised will be used, please go to my donations page..



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26 thoughts on “My Goal

  1. Good luck Jon.

  2. luca

    it was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck.
    Luca….the boy met in varese.

  3. Rachel Tree

    Hi Jonny just had a catch up read of your blog…Sudan looks beautiful… are glad you are back enjoying the trip….you look happy..miss you….. Rach xx

  4. Hi Jonny, its amazing to note of your effort toward computer4africa. You have amazed me with all the development. Your journey is for a great cause and its will be an achievement at the end. I wish you all the best and keep going. I love your courage. Joseph

  5. Anna Zanon

    hello, I’m Anna B & B Le Tre Grazie, Italy ..,. Veneto
    … I follow you on your journey .. I wish you good luck, hello ..

    • Hello, I saw your name and remembered immediately. Thanks for following, I will try to update the blog soon with more photos.. Keep watching..

  6. Jo P

    Blown away by the things you’ve seen and done. I’ve often thought they should do a Palin-style documentary with a woman trolling across the world. Not sure they would see very much. Looking forward to the nest instalment and wishing you all the very best. Jo xx

  7. good Cause and we are waiting to meeting you soon! Have a great ride!!

  8. I like it , and how can I join the sam cycling .

  9. virginia nang'uwa

    jonathan, all the best as u leave mongu western province of zambia-i couldnt believe u’ve cycle all that far,god bless u

    • Thanks for looking after me so well.. Updated my blog with pictures from Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.. Jon

  10. Hallo Jon we met 11/12 May in Rundu hope you travel safe i will follow your progress. Jan and Elmarie

  11. Joseph

    Hi Jon

    It was a pleasure meeting you today and hearing about your story.

    Avalon springs should be a welcome break.

    I hope you enjoy of your stay in South Africa and get your jacket out for Cape can be quite nippy.

    All of the best for the rest of your journey and wherever your future endeavours may take you.

    Joseph – route 62 random

  12. Andries Jonker

    Hi Jon
    It was a pleasure having you at BakenOord. Have you reached Bredasdorp?

    • Thank you for your kind welcome.
      I’m near Greyton visiting friends met in Namibia. Nice ride today, took the back farm roads to avoid the N2

  13. Anonymous

    It was nice meeting you at Cape Point, Jonathan! This is a great blog, ill be reading and exploring it quite a bit. Well done on making your journey, have a good flight back to England! 🙂 Regards, Ané Steynberg

  14. Bronwen

    Was great to meet you at the Castle in Cape Town today, well done on your ride and hope you make lots of money for your charity. Have a safe trip home on 14th July. Bronwen and Peter.

  15. we miss you a lot friend here in Zambia hopeing you are good were you are phone shope in Lusaka Zambia

  16. charles mwaya

    Hi Jonathan am glad you actually stopped at AIC NAIVASHA POLYTECHNIC.I enjoyed working with you. am just wondering how i can get some refurbished laptops from computers for Africa org. some schools in my village

  17. Allan Mukoka

    we are community youth foundation organisation we are training youth with sarvival skills but we are lucking tools we are looking for the charity organisation which can help us
    with tools such computers our youths here they are lucking such skills we are asking for you please if you are able to do that please help us .we are in solwezi zambia which is about 600km from the capital city lusaka

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