Brittany to the Loire

Waited for the rain to stop and continued along the railway path. I was chased by thunder and lightning before finding a campsite for an early finish. Met up with Malcolm, a friendly Scott, fed-up with the summer mists and rains of his home country and had decided to come to France. “At least its warmer here”, he said as we sat in the misty rain. Cyclist are a positive bunch. You have to be.

He pointed out something I had not seen, a broken spoke. I remember it happening. I rigged a lanyard to attach both my rear panniers together so I’d know if one of the fell off. I left it dangling it pulled one of the spokes clean out. Boink. Will get it fixed in Nantes.

The ride today was smooth.  I only dropped one thing, a charging cable which I soon found. I also found a rhythm that carried me the distance all the way to Nantes. Being Sunday the roads where nearly empty and it was a delight to take the bigger roads without having to share. I passed through forests and stopped to chat to some mushroom pickers. “Its too cold, the pickings are not good” one of them mumbled.


Reached a pretty chateau and pondered over stopping at the campsite in the grounds. With spoke to be fixed and no traffic I decided to press on. A mistake, as this is France and bike shops  are closed Mondays. Paf.


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