Nantes: The French are on strike

Not that this would affect me normally, but when waiting for spare spokes to be sent priority air it does! Still, its not raining all the time, I’ve got a nice pair of woolly thermal socks, gadgets I’ve yet to fully play with and a Wifi connection in my tent so its not that bad after all.
The spare spokes we sent Tuesday afternoon with a 2 day target. I’m not holding my breath, and why should I when there is a great indoor swimming pool next door, shops open all hours and quite a number of chores to do.
The first is the gremlin tent eater. Yes, a gremlin is eating my tent. Holes appear when it is packed away so a number have now been patched up. I’m packing poles and pegs separately now and it seems to have stopped.
Next is the blog.. in progress, but more about using the software and mini keyboard to do it on.
Then mount my light and make a lanyard, I’m running out of space to hang things of the bike.
Lastly charge cables to for gadgets.



The spokes arrived Friday 14th June, and are being fitted now. Weather has improved and its now bordering on warm! Looks like I’ll be making a dash south tomorrow.

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