Carcassonne and the fairytale countryside

Its very pretty here. The small hills are a bugger to cycle up, but they do make for spectacular views over the countryside. Here fields of golden corn and barley are the feast for the eyes and to top it off, the snow capped peaks of the Pyrenees loomed in the distance.
The ride into Carcassonne was hot and for the first time I heared the popping of the tar on the road. The aim was to acclimatise on the way south, but this was out the fridge and into the fire! Arriving at  Carcassonne I met up with a retired French couple who had lived in lots of different African countries working as teachers. I asked about the lions.. they said don’t cycle through the national parks, they won’t let you anyway!



Snow capped Pyrenees in the distance


Corner of a village that is forever medieval.

The citadel is a sight to see, from a distance. What I should have done is looked round in the evening on arrival, but the heat beat me and I sorted through photos and updated the blog instead. On a normal day its rammed with tourists and my visit was brief. East from here my next destination is Nimes and I have a selection of things to see on the way.



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2 thoughts on “Carcassonne and the fairytale countryside

  1. Bethan Kelsey

    Lovely to read your blog, looks like trip is going well

  2. Rachel Tree

    Hi Jonny great trip do far…although I do wonder what your fellow campers have been eating! Weather glorious here in uk…

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