Kenya: To the Tanzania border

I have already cycled Nairobi to Naivasha and the golden rule is you never go back the way you came. Taking a minibus to western outskirts of Nairobi solves this problem.  Once over the Ngong hills the route south is easy and quiet for the 200km to the Tanzania border.


The first funfair I have seen in Africa. After chatting with the owner he even started the ferris wheel for me. I described the popularity of theme parks in the UK and how such funfairs are a permanent feature of some seaside towns.


Cheap accommodation is often linked to pubs. Handy for meeting up with locals at the end of a day. This time 3 students who are teaching at the local school to fund their higher education. Maurice, to my right is one year away from being an insurance actuary.


Countryside on the road to the Tanzania border


This is the first and only view of Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895m. Taken at a distance 80km it seems to sit under its own weather system so I never got to see the peak.


Mt. Namanga 2548m


One of the many localised rain storms that chase me. No hanging around when one of these is on your tail..

I have fond memories of chips, sweet milky tea, ugali and people that allow you to join in the daily street scene, rather than being the focus of a street scene.

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