Past Cycle Tours


2007: The Gambia and Senegal , 650km in 2 weeks
2005: Intercontinental Cycle tour, 11,500km (7,000 miles) in 8 months
2004: The Gambia, The most interesting 1 week of my life
2001: France tour, 2,000km (1,200 miles) in 3 months

Around the UK

Distances are relatively short and the terrain is so varied; Coast, hills, countryside, moor land, woods, farm, arable, villages, towns & cities, rivers, canals – the list goes on!
History and the old way of life are ever present and still visible today. Roman roads, castles, stately homes, battle fields, archaeological sites.
The more I explore, the more I realise it’s something never to be taken for granted.

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