Please Donate

All costs are covered at my own expense and any money raised will go directly to Computers 4 Africa.
Depending on the amount raised I hope to acheive one of more of these goals

  • Support the running of the charity in their efforts to collect, refurbish and ship PCs to Africa
  • Train a teacher and equip them with 5 refurbished computers
  • Offer scholarships to students in IT Related subjects

If you wish to donate to this cause, please visit my JustGiving site. Your cash goes direct to charity.

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One thought on “Please Donate

  1. am mr Jason lhave been introduced to you with one of the organization in uk that deals with computer lhave bible college we are in need of computers to train with young generation and college student its my hope to have computer program in class in the begging of next year please can you connect with us and just let me know much about your computer supply hope to hear from you soon.jason–Arusha

    you are doing one of the most needed program in africa may the lord help you achieve your dreams.

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